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This October has been fairly uneventful, mostly me plinking away at small things.

Prints of Polar bear in a Christmas Jumper with a parcel under arm.

I've enjoyed returning to the format I used for Mermay 2019 with my Inktober this year. It's a delight to create these characters off the cuff and give them little wholesome adventures in four beats. I'm going to colour these up and release them on my Etsy Shop as a zine at some point.

Speaking of Etsy, reminder that my new Christmas Card designs are available to purchase there! I'm really proud of how the lino-prints for this Polar in a Seasonal Jumper came out really clear!

A large mirror with four framed prints around it featuring the life stages of strawberries.

Similarly I put up a couple of new designs on my Redbubble page. I'd love to hear from you about what kind of designs you'd like to see more of there. My darling parents went and bought a full set of the Strawberry Seed-to-table prints and sent me a picture of them framed and on their wall. Looking great!

This time of year is always so pretty, even if I do find it gets dark far too soon! Check out these skies I managed to grab some photos of.

Wishing you all the best as the weather gets colder. Make yourselves a nice warm cuppa!


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