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A cold January

Not a huge amount to share for the start of 2021 - a slow quiet start to the year for many, I am sure! It's certainly been pleasant having snow around for a good amount of the month, though the dreary first days of February are definite having me long for the colours of spring.

My Daily Project this month was a lino print of Scottish Dancers! A good challenge with some grungy results I've found quite entertaining.

I have used the digital mock-up of the Scottish Dancers to create a new design for my Redbubble page, as well as spent some time organising the designs there into clearer Collections!

On the Etsy front, I've added a delightful new product: Rat Stickers, that I'm really proud of - the quality is great (thank you!) Do check it out, and keep an eye out for a product I hope to put up by end of February, titled "Forgotten Snaps"!

Best wishes going into the month of Chocolate Hearts!


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