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Remember November?

Some quiet self-study this month, alongside a series of Photoshop Drawings that I've enjoyed keeping free and varied from day to day. I've been doing some reading and reconnecting with Networking, namely Edinburgh's wonderful Creative Circles! I'm loving how well they've adapted to the online format, and it's fantastic to see how other creatives are faring locally.

For those of you reading still getting ready for the holidays, friendly reminder that I have cards and various gift ideas available from my Etsy Store, as well as numerous products (from clothing to homeware) to choose from on my Redbubble page! Every purchase absolutely makes my day - thank you for supporting small business.

This month also marked one year of me starting to use Duolingo to study Scots Gaelic! Growing up bilingual has given me a huge appreciation for languages and the learning thereof, and it's been especially great to learn the language my paternal Grandfather was the last in the family to be fluent in. Duolingo recently added some fantastic illustrations to the course which I am loving. Now to keep pushing my learning further!


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