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Editorial illustrations

Here you will find various illustrations I've made in an editorial vein: For short articles, online and the like.

HIGHLIGHT: Commissioned by the Leith Agency

Check out the Scottish Power: 20 Reasons to Smile campaign.

Scottish Power: 20 Reasons to Smile

Illustration commissioned by the Leith Agency for the Scottish Power "20 Reasons to Smile" campaign on Instagram.
Lovely to work on this illustration, channelling the positive energy of little victories: from young ones learning to high five to being able to share an honest smile on a difficult day.



"Today’s reason to smile is June’s inspiring positive energy. June survived her battle with cancer and she’s grateful for all the support from her beautiful family and friends. #20reasonstosmile"

"Together we’ve raised £20m for Cancer Research UK. To celebrate, we’re posting 20 reasons to smile in 20 days! Share yours, and we might even turn it into art! ScottishPower and Cancer Research UK, together we have the energy to help beat cancer sooner."

WhiteLight Media Brief

Below is the image I submitted for a brief given by Whitelight Media, for their online Quiz on Fake News.
I learnt a lot from this one.

Check out the article for a bit of fun!

Whitelightmedia Fake News Submission

I-ASC: Communication Aids Brief

Illustrations for a booklet to be presented to Non-Speaking Adults to aid in the choice of a Communication Aid.
Client was I-ASC, as part of a Research Project through the National Institute for Health Research. (2018)

Communicaton Aid Illustrations

How To Move:
Your Guide to Starting Out on Your Own

When I first moved out from the parental home, there were a lot of aspects of living on my own that I knew nothing about, like Council Tax, handling bills, rent agreement terminology...
I approached the project drawing on what I've learned since. This guide aims to give a quick introduction as to what to expect and where to find out more.

You can purchase the final Product online as a PDF here.


GLOW Festival Edinburgh College

Photo Collage for the Glow Festival Pamphlet at Edinburgh College using provided Photos. Photos of students and props were cut and assembled in various ways to represent the different industries the College offers training in. (2017-2018)

MTW Music Sleeve Art

Cover Art commission for Mike Thomas Weber, for his self-titled musical album "MTW." I liked the humour of working from the reference he provided: from tiny dog in the back of the car to the bright yellow beetle being sat on. This was a follow-on commission from the Hand holding a Harmonica commissioned for his Single release.

Harmonica Hand Logo by Natalie Rowland.
MTW Album Art by Natalie Rowland
Looking to commission?
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