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Book illustrations

Book illustrations are what first inspired me to draw, to even consider making drawing my career. From Quentin Blake to Philippe Daure,
book illustration is where my heroes are at. I still enjoy being whisked away by the magic of beautiful illustrations marrying with the text,
and it is an absolute pleasure when I achieve that too.

HIGHLIGHT: Shortlisted for the Kelpies Illustration Prize in 2018
Check out my cover design for Soldier's Game by James Killgore.


Youth Novel Covers

A series of Watercolour Covers for Popular Youth Novels.


Undying Night Series

Ebook and Paperback Covers for a series by author Ceri Rowland.


Artist Books

Artist Books made with the joy of making books.


Adventure Module

Illustrations for a Role-Playing Game Adventure.



For the likes of Kelpies Illustration Prize, Picture Hook Contests and the Book Illustration Contest

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