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  • Natalie Rowland

Life for those of us who are not Key Workers, especially those of us who are on furlough, feels like it has hit pause: still, like we're holding our breath, the days running together with little sense any more of what day of the month it is. It seemed appropriate for me, during this time, to revisit my appreciation for painting Still Lifes in my Daily Drawings.

I've also taken the time to upload some new designs to my Redbubble Store, and have made some new zines available on my Etsy store! It's quite exciting to be able to get these out there despite the lockdown.

And for those wanting to support me financially without necessarily purchasing a specific product, I've made a Ko-fi account - feel free to show your appreciation with a tip, that I will enjoy in the form of a lovely cup of tea.

6 Fanart Challenge

Finally I've been taking some time to engage with things I love. Reading for example - It's a pure pleasure to finally have the time and space to whittle down slowly but surely my to-read list. Getting to make artwork to celebrate a friend's newborn is a privilege too. I find myself enjoying quality time with the husband, watching shows together, chatting about our favourite characters and stories...

Don't get me wrong, the future still looks and feels quite uncertain in the current crisis, and I definitely feel for those hurt, suffering and struggling through these uncertain times - it's hard not to think of them when we can see Edinburgh infirmary from our windows, when our walk home from the shops has drawings of rainbows scattered across other people's windows; when shop staff look tired at shelves needing replenished and workmen have to navigate awkwardly around jobs that cannot be left till later... I just hope it won't be too long before we all get to hug our loved ones and feel security once more. Patience and fortitude is key. Take heart!

  • Natalie Rowland

La vie, pour ceux d'entre nous qui ne sont pas des travailleurs essentiels, surtout en demi chômage, est en pause: c'est mort dehors, on retient notre souffle, les jours se fondent l'un dans l'autre jusqu’à en perdre la date. Il m'a semblé approprié pour ce mois a l’ambiance inédite, de renouer avec mon appréciation des Natures Mortes dans mes dessins Quotidiens. Still Lifes in my Daily Drawings.

J'ai aussi pris le temps de mettre de nouveaux designs sur ma boutique Redbubble, et ai maintenant de nouveaux zines disponibles sur ma boutique Etsy! C'est excitant de pouvoir rendre ces derniers disponibles malgré la quarantaine.

Et pour ceux souhaitant me soutenir financièrement sans forcément acheter un produit, j'ai maintenant un compte Ko-fi - Vous pouvez m'y laisser un pourboire en signe d'appréciation, que je me ferais un plaisir de savourer dans la forme d'une bonne tasse de thé!

Défi des 6 Fanart

Finalement je me suis permise du temps pour renouer avec divers passions. La lecture par exemple: c'est un vrai plaisir de pouvoir doucement mais sûrement raccourcir ma liste de livres a lire. C'est aussi un privilège de célébrer la naissance de l'enfant d'une amie avec une illustration venant du cœur. Je me retrouve avec plus de temps pour profiter de séries télévisés avec le mari, de discuter avec lui d'histoires et de personnages favoris...

Ne vous méprenez pas, le futur a encore pour nous un air incertain durant cette crise, et je pense souvent a ceux qui souffrent, qui ont mal et qui se démènent dans ces temps difficiles. C'est difficile de ne pas y penser quand on peut voir l’hôpital de notre fenêtre, quand le chemin que l'ont prends pour rentrer des courses est parsemé d'arc-en-cieux affichés dans les vitres de nos voisins; quand les employés de magasins ont l'air fatigué devant les étagères a remplir et les ouvriers doivent naviguer avec concision les travaux qu'ils ne peuvent pas laisser a plus tard...

J’espère simplement qu'on n'aura pas a attendre trop longtemps avant de pouvoir serrer dans nos bras toutes les personnes qui nous sont chères, avant de retrouver un semblant de sécurité. Il nous faudra faire preuve de Patience et Fortitude. Prenez cœur!

It's probably what most people are thinking this year, when it comes to these two months: What on earth happened? From business as usual to lockdown of all but essential services, it makes for a very surreal start to 2020.

Three by Three Book 3, by Stories 2020 (Collaboration)

Luckily, the move into my new accommodation was completed smoothly before these measures came into being, and I've been putting the much improved dedicated art working space to good use! It's been a delight to start and finish off some of the Artist Book collaboration pieces I'm making with fellow illustrators Sarah Hannis and Louise Wilson, although the Bookmarks fair we intended to showcase these at was sadly cancelled.

Meanwhile these necessary public health closures are having a knock on effect everywhere. In an effort to support the charity Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS), who commissioned me for a lovely range of Birthday Cards, I'm -off my own back- making my copies of these available from my ETSY store page - with a pound from every sale to be donated back to them. I've got a feeling the support they provide will be very much in demand once normalcy returns.

My daily challenges have been ticking along nicely, with February producing a lovely first draft of a Storyboard for a Picture Book involving a little Robin and some children stuck at home by illness when they want to be outside. March allowed me to explore the various punishments doled out in Greek Myths, featuring both the absurd and sometimes nasty villains... Always a pleasure to revisit such rich lore!

I also had the great pleasure in February of having a lovely informal chat with Polly Gates (who I met via Creative Edinburgh's Creative Circles) on her Edinburgh University Student Radio show. It was great to talk with her about creativity, inspiration and networking.

As things stand, it's not quite clear what April brings, but I'll be sure to use the time creatively.

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