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Spring of 2021

Watercolour illustration of wizardly characters around a Crystal Ball.

2021 is definitely one of those years where one wishes for a Crystal Ball, if only to be able to plan beyond the next announcement about Covid Restrictions. Last time I posted a blog post, winter snows were still clinging to the hills and Scotland was very much in full lockdown.

Since then I've been hard at work with my watercolour paints, using daily exercises as a launch board into designing and producing Fantasy Playing Card Decks you can now purchase from my Etsy store! Inspiration for these illustrations include tales of the three-legged Haggis, Selkies and Unicorns. Great for reconnecting with friends while playing an easy card game. (Thanks for the game, G'!)

If you miss the feeling of wanderlust and travelling abroad, I also have available a Zine called "Forgotten Snaps" featuring black and white renditions of travel photos. I'm a big fan of the envelopes full of mystery photos you get when you turn in a disposable camera for printing, and hope to have reproduced some of that magic with this hand-cut publication.

Lost, Looking & Found, anthologie announcement

In other exciting news, I am one of the contributors to the Edinburgh Literary Salon's anthology publication due out this summer. Check out the Salon's social media for an exciting peek at what other authors are involved!

I've also been working on the website - you'll notice a new section labelled Portfolio, that I will be using going forward to keep things more streamlined. Now that stores are reopening as Covid vaccinations follow their course, I look forward to the new opportunities summer will bring. I hope for many pleasant surprises.


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