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Roller-coaster October

It's been a really busy October for me, following a September that definitely seems to have gone in the blink of an eye! (But don't worry, you can still acquire copies of the Literary Salon's Anthology if you needed the reminder.)

Biggest news is that my availability has dropped (but is not gone!) thanks to the acquisition of part-time employment that should guarantee a nice stable income while I take extra time to work and research on my next creative ideas.

One of the ideas I'm working on is a story involving Vikings and the West Coast of Scotland, inspired by my father's contagious interest in the history there and a lovely long weekend spent there in September. It's going to be slow to develop, as I have a lot of researching to do, and also...

I've been wonderfully busy doing the commission work, including among others Cover and Spot Illustrations for the lovely Ceri Rowland's latest Pathfinder Module: "People in Glass Houses."

The town of Glimmerbourne, renowned across the land for the beautiful glassworks of the Boldfellow Workshop, has been afflicted by a terrible curse. The entire town, and every living thing within it, has been transformed into glass! Our heroes must investigate to discover the source of the curse and find a way to undo it and restore the town and its inhabitants to their natural states.

If you like to play table top Role-Playing Games and are familiar with the Pathfinder Second Edition rule set, be sure to check it out! I'm also working on illustrations for his next upcoming collection of creatures for Game Masters to include in their campaigns.

None of this stops me from still running my Etsy store, where you can now find an enchanting Calendar full of Fairy people enjoying the seasons for 2022, along with new badges featuring illustrations from my Fantasy Playing Card deck. If you're like me and panicking at the thought of how quickly December is coming upon us, grab some snazzy lino-printed Christmas cards while you're there!

My main project for November though is going to be working on a commission inspired by the Zoo Animal Clock I made back in July: a wooden clock with wood-burnt designs of aquatic creatures this time. I'm very excited to work on this. Until next time!


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