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Book illustrations are what first inspired me to draw, to even consider making drawing my career. From Quentin Blake to Philippe Daure,
book illustration is where my heroes are at. I still enjoy being whisked away by the magic of beautiful illustrations marrying with the text,
and it is an absolute pleasure when I achieve that too.

HIGHLIGHT: Shortlisted for the Kelpies Illustration Prize in 2018
Check out my cover design for Soldier's Game by James Killgore.

Book Illustration Competition 2019

This year's the House of Illustration contest had Howl's Moving Castle as subject. I absolutely adore this book by Diana Wynne Jones, so I just had to squeeze in some time to make these submissions!
I'd hoped to try my hand at embroidery for this, seeing the running theme in the book about Sophie stitching life into things, but time constraints pushed me to use some creative digital collage.

Book Illustration Competition 2018

Organised by the House of Illustration, I prepared these images following their prompts for the Conan Arthur Doyle compilation of Sherlock Holmes short stories.

Kelpies Illustration Prize

Featured here are my designs in response to the Kelpies Illustration Prize:
2017's featuring Ruby McCracken and in 2018 with Soldier's Game.

The Soldier's Game cover design was shortlisted!

Picture Hooks 2016

Submissions to Picture Hooks mentoring scheme in 2016. This was the point where I decided to focus my practice towards professional illustration. These images drew on my childhood memories, trips to lake Tekapo in New Zealand, games with our Dog Mikey, a cairn terrier, and really enjoying playing with line.

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