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Slow September

This September I committed to a series of Photo Studies (using my own photography from over the years) using White Posca Pens on Black Paper - I real treat since it's produced some really graphic images. I've collated the images into a collage which looks stunning on the scores of products available on Redbubble. If you want to see the individual images, check them out on their "Daily Drawings" page.

Explore - Two people walking in an alley past a door to an arch, white on black drawing.

Christmas card saying "Season's Greetings" featuring a Polar Bear in a Patterned Jumper

Apart from that, "Rowez Buds Stitching" have started using the lovely logo I drew for them. Be sure to keep an eye on their Instragram or Facebook for some lovely sewn crafts to buy in the near future! I've uploaded some new products to my Etsy store (which still has a nice selection of Zines alongside some original Artworks), including a delightful Polar Bear Christmas Card for those planning ahead for December. In other news I also did some serious work on a short Graphic Novel Story that I look forward to being able to tell you more about when the time is right. Gave myself a wee blast from the past by stumbling upon a picture book I'd made when I was 11. It's always pleasant to look back on these things and see how far we've come since. Maybe I should give the story of Harvey the Bold Eagle a refresh. Hope you are all doing well despite the trying times! It's certainly looking set to be a quiet end to the year here.


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