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Remember November

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

In the run up to the 12th of December, the media this November has been at its most political. It feels kind of fitting that this is the month I submitted a piece about Climate Change to the John Byrne Award, even though I strongly feel that facing Climate Change needs to stop being painted as a political stance among others. If we want to face the changes brought on by man-made Climate Change, it needs to be a universally accepted duty, with those leading us needing to tackle it first and foremost.

Other news this month includes the opening of my online Etsy Shop, which I hope to develop further in the coming months. Otherwise I've spent some time learning new skills and attending events, some of which you can catch a glimpse of in my visual diary from this month's Daily Drawing Challenge. I've also received some printed samples from a commission I worked on this summer, I very much look forward to sharing pictures of them with you come January!

UK readers, don't forget to vote in the General Election next week, and enjoy the Holidays!


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