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Quiet June

June is a month full of birthdays in my family, and unsurprisingly it was a quiet one this year, (I wonder why~) but the quiet pace of things means I got to finish the Howling Lands Zine I've had on the back burner for a while!

It's now available on my Etsy Page, and my project for July is going to be to add a new Pyrography piece to the "Original Artwork" section - a wall clock set to feature zoo creatures inspired by a day outing this June.

Otherwise it's just been time set aside for professional development and helping some friends out on a Fanzine project. (Great fun! So much work!) If anyone has a project they think I'd be a good fit on, I'm all ears! I'm missing working collaboratively lately.

Black on white pen drawings of various zoo animals including a giraffe, rhino, meercats and a tiger.
Zoo Sketches

I'll leave you with this sketch of some of the animals we saw at the zoo. Take care!


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