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Nothing better than a nice day out.

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

The excitement of going on a walk to a popular nature spot, and inspiration.

Lovely windy day.
Blustery weather atop Arthur's seat.

Went up Arthur's seat for the first time. It was very windy, but beautiful.

I like to make a hand drawn memento of travels and life events. There's a certain nostalgia that gets attached to these creations that helps jog the memory.

We sat on the top of that large hill and had a picnic, and I got the chance to paint in watercolour a quick study of the view with the rainbow that had just appeared.

Breathe and enjoy.

I've not used that study for anything purposeful yet. I might not. But it's also important to find little moments to enjoy and breathe, and this was definitely one of those.


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