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May Summary

Pencil Sketch of growing Lockdown beard.

Rather than growing my non-existent beard out this May, I challenged myself to making several large Portfolio pieces. Using an A2 sized sketchbook, I whittled done a list of favourite Children's Novels to illustrate book covers for. After an initial charcoal sketch, I then embarked on making a full sized pencil and watercolour piece for each, giving myself a handful of days to complete each one, before at the end of the month, scanning each one in to add relevant text pieces to fully emulate a commercial youth book cover. It's been incredibly satisfying giving this project my near full focus. If you want to see the full illustrations without the text, be sure to check out their Daily Drawing Page!

Other visual moments include a Star Wars themed card for the arrival of a new born (May the Fourth be with you!), a drawing of what I like to think of as Cherry Tree Moments: finding that space that gives you Peace when the noise of the world gets too much. For those of you that want to chip in some support for me and have a Ko-Fi account, you can now contribute to keeping my tea mug full there! To those who already have, I love you guys! <3 Finally, I added to my growing list of available zines on my Etsy store with this charming number: Mermaid Slice of Life. Making the special bookmarks to go with them was a special delight indeed.

Hoping to fire more things up in June! Considering I've made good progress on a new Pyrography piece, I'll say things are looking good.

Best wishes to you all, and thanks for reading!


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