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Marching onwards

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

March has been a busy and exciting month!

Plenty of Drawing outings to start... Be it the Robots Exhibition at the National Museum, or the outing to Edinburgh's Butterfly World, these drawing expeditions are refreshing and inspiring!

Took part in Bookmarks, Edinburgh College of Arts' Artist Book and Zine Fair. It was an excellent opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed not only putting together some pieces for our table (Artist Rat has turned out to be a lovely wee book!), but it was wonderful going through the fair and seeing the wealth of creativity around and talking with like-minded souls.

The Daily Life of an Artist Rat - A zine about maintaining a healthy work life balance for creative souls.
The Daily Life of an Artist Rat

I've also enjoying working in pastels this month, using Vegetables as a subject... I've been getting a bit tired of many food outlets seeming to be limited to chips and coleslaw, so it's good to be reminded how extremely varied veggies are!

April should be quite exciting. Going to get stuck into After Effects again, and am looking forward to it.


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