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Lockdown April

Life for those of us who are not Key Workers, especially those of us who are on furlough, feels like it has hit pause: still, like we're holding our breath, the days running together with little sense any more of what day of the month it is. It seemed appropriate for me, during this time, to revisit my appreciation for painting Still Lifes in my Daily Drawings.

I've also taken the time to upload some new designs to my Redbubble Store, and have made some new zines available on my Etsy store! It's quite exciting to be able to get these out there despite the lockdown.

And for those wanting to support me financially without necessarily purchasing a specific product, I've made a Ko-fi account - feel free to show your appreciation with a tip, that I will enjoy in the form of a lovely cup of tea.

Digital Art of Characters from several Media Series.
6 Fanart Challenge

Finally I've been taking some time to engage with things I love. Reading for example - It's a pure pleasure to finally have the time and space to whittle down slowly but surely my to-read list. Getting to make artwork to celebrate a friend's newborn is a privilege too. I find myself enjoying quality time with the husband, watching shows together, chatting about our favourite characters and stories...

Don't get me wrong, the future still looks and feels quite uncertain in the current crisis, and I definitely feel for those hurt, suffering and struggling through these uncertain times - it's hard not to think of them when we can see Edinburgh infirmary from our windows, when our walk home from the shops has drawings of rainbows scattered across other people's windows; when shop staff look tired at shelves needing replenished and workmen have to navigate awkwardly around jobs that cannot be left till later... I just hope it won't be too long before we all get to hug our loved ones and feel security once more. Patience and fortitude is key. Take heart!


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