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Catch up August

Having my daily task for August be the admin side of my Professional Development has given me a light break from social media which has been very welcome. The filing boxes have had a good wrangling and I feel more confident about them. These hasn't stopped other work from being done, such as the From Seed to Table theme artworks you see above ( which are also available on various products from my Red Bubble Shop), my Colouring Things book being made available on Etsy, and a commission piece created for the lovely Rowez Buds Stitching which I hope to share with you once it goes live.

Sketch from Video Talk featuring Hannah Lee and Jessica Love.
Representation Matters

Of course, August time in Edinburgh is Book Festival time, and for the third year running I was delighted to be able to watch several speakers elaborate on their works and craft. The online festival format made for an interesting experience. Particular highlights for me include Dapo Sdeola and Nathan Bryon on their new book "Clean up!", the talk about representation with Hannah Lee and Jessica Love, and Oliver Jeffers on "What we'll Build." The logistics behind the online format must have been quite a lot of work - I truly appreciate it.

Finally of course, it was good to have time this month to catch up with friends and family in person. Opportunities well treasured!


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