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A busy January!

That's the Card Range for Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland out in their shops now, and it was lovely to see the photo they sent me of the Designs in the window of their Bruntsfield store!

January's been otherwise busy not so much with illustration, but with preparations for a move to a new home, where I'll be able to work in a dedicated art room, which I'm very much looking forward to. So's my other half. He's been missing having a clear dinner table! This has also been an opportunity to unpack a lot of things that were stored away when we moved to Edinburgh from Aberdeen over two years ago... Including many a sketchbook and projects set aside years ago that it could be nice to revisit. Good to get the reminder!

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed giving life to wee Georgia in my monthly challenge this month, and I look forward to putting the hours in this February in preparation for the Bookmarks Artbook fair this coming March!


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