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2019 Year in Review

It feels a little surreal, looking back at this past year.

Samples of Illustrations by Natalie Rowland in 2019
NatRowlandArt 2019 review
Illustrator Natalie Rowland showing a visitor some of the leaflets available at the show.
EH2 019 Student Show at Fruitmarket Gallery

It's also the year where I completed my HND in Illustration at Edinburgh College. This is the course that prompted my move down to Edinburgh from Aberdeen, and there is no question that all that I have learnt there has been well worth the upheaval. It was absolutely fantastic to finish off that course with our student exhibition in the Fruit market Gallery - one of my favourite Edinburgh Galleries since I was a kid!

Was privileged to get a commission for a Card Range with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland this summer. Definitely one of my highlights of the year! Other highlights include the Edinburgh Book Festival (always a highlight!), the Picture Hooks Conference in Dundee, making the delightful Artist Rat zine for Bookmarks, my Tantalus video where I got to work with Guillaume Babey and his amazing voice... I'm sure I could go on!

There's still plenty to improve on from 2019 too. If this December just gone is anything to go by, there are some exciting changes under way for 2020. I'll be sure to make them for the better!


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