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Daily Drawings 2018

I'm getting in the habit of doing a monthly daily-drawing challenge in one form or another. Most of them are recorded on my Instagram page, where you can see the latest challenge. I like to mix things up from one month to the next.

December 2018

November was very much in my comfort zone with watercolours and reference heavy. For December I decided to push my linocut skills and explore something I kept meaning to practice more: Patterns and Knotwork.

Linocut Pattern Stamps

November 2018

After the pleasure of Inktober and the DrawingADay challenge, I needed some colour.
A pleasure to return to watercolours, painting Moustaches for the month known for Movember: the facial hair movement raising money for mens health worldwide! 

October 2018

The infamous Inktober challenge, started by Jake Porter on Twitter, has given creative souls around the world opportunity to practice their ink skills. Having recently found a large feather, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out working with a feather quill following the official Inktober Prompts for the year.

Feather Quill and ink in action

September 2018

DrawingaDay challenge, organised by the House of Illustration for the John Vernon Lord exhibition.
Decided to go for a daily dairy approach. Click on the images for little comments.

This is available as a design on various items in my Red Bubble store! Check it out.

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